Kamis, 05 Juli 2018

The Health Insurance Crisis in


Many schools and employers require an official doctors excuse When someone wishes to have a day off and still get credit for this day. An Interesting and sad feature of the current medical insurance crisis in America is That lots of individuals are choosing to use a fake doctors note rather than visiting a medical professional. The Expense of a real doctors excuse for work or college  Is just too high and therefore worth the risk.

How has the U.S. arrived in a place where a hardworking citizen could Choose to Use a fake doctors excuse as opposed to go to the physician? It can all be tracked   Nearly every other developed nation set Policies in place to form their health care systems. Most world forces in the   Rather, it allowed the Healthcare sector to evolve organically and frequently without checks and balances.

Some point to the Affordable Care Act as a social policy, and while true, it's  Maybe too little too late. Many consider it a half-measure, and a lot of what It could do right was frequently undermined by partisanship.  U.S. and one which the ACA sought to alleviate is that health insurance is  Individuals That Are self-employed or outside of work may not Have access to affordable medical care. People working but in low-paying Jobs may not have access .

The Main reason why Someone may opt to get a fake doctors excuse for work is The cost is just too high.  Average person, it could be more economical to take an unpaid day off than to choose a paid Day off by getting a formal physicians note. There are many reasons why medical Care costs so much, but a top reason is that the sheer number of uninsured citizens.

Community Health Centers

In the end, community health centers are intended as a safety net. The Issue is That there are not enough of them. Those that exist are understaffed and overstressed. Individuals can get notes from these facilities for free or at a Reduced cost, but unless they know in advance that they'll be sick, there's  Almost no chance that they get an appointment within a suitable time period
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